About Royal Gallery

Royal Gallery is a retailer of premiums sofas and the finest hand-crafted Persian carpets. They believe that individuality matters, that comfort should come first, and design should represent you as an individual through its shape and colour. The combination of luxury and solid wood give their sofas a new and unique taste among Singaporeans.

Each sofa is designed and crafted with a unique purpose and built from the finest solid wood and lumber that has been sourced from Italy, Dubai and the Emirates. It is all about you sitting in the most luxurious and comfortable piece of furniture you have ever held in your hands. Because only then, can you feel the difference between luxury furniture and regular ones.

As it relates to their carpets, they hand-pick the best of Persian antique rugs, carpets and kilims from the top states of Persia. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the elegance of a Persian carpet at their hands.