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Zeppelin boosts revenue and gives customers peace of mind with Anycover

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Fengyang Song
Zeppelin & Co

"Honestly, we thought this was a wonderful product that really adds value to our customers. When we decided to onboard them, the Anycover team provided excellent professionalism, always answering any queries we might have. When it came to going live on applying the widget to our store, it was done seamlessly. There were no bugs encountered till date, and that is kudos to the Anycover team for the detailed work they do. I would really highly recommend this app to anyone who is thinking of enhancing your value proposition to your customers and clients; all without the headache of having to deal with a messy backend infrastructure"


Zepplin & Co are Singapore’s first audio cafe with a dedicated space retailing a curated range of earphones, headphones, and desktop audio products. The store has gained popularity among music enthusiasts and has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for music lovers. Not only do they provide excellent audio products from brands like Sennheiser, Sony, JBL and many others, but also serve great coffee.

The team that created Zeppelin & Co loves music. They were formed on the idea of bringing together a crowd that loves music and coffee. Audio + Coffee + People = Zeppelin & Co.

To make the customer experience even better, Zeppelin & Co have partnered with Anycover. This partnership has added value for Zeppelin & Co’s customers as it provides an affordable and convenient way to protect their audio products beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty. The extended warranty program gives customers peace of mind knowing they can get their instruments repaired or replaced if they experience any issues. The modern extended warranty program is a natural fit for Zeppelin & Co and is a testament to their commitment to providing innovative and customer-focused solutions.


Many customers invest heavily in high-quality audio equipment such as headphones, speakers, and other sound systems and expect it to last for years, even after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.
In order to provide customers with peace of mind and ultimately increase their confidence in making purchasing decisions, Zeppelin partnered with Anycover.
All of this, coupled with the fact that it is a zero-cost end-to-end solution made Anycover the perfect solution for Zeppelin’s needs.
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