Fengyang Song
Zeppelin & Co

"Honestly, we thought this was a wonderful product that really adds value to our customers. When we decided to onboard them, the Anycover team provided excellent professionalism, always answering any queries we might have. When it came to going live on applying the widget to our store, it was done seamlessly. There were no bugs encountered till date, and that is kudos to the Anycover team for the detailed work they do. I would really highly recommend this app to anyone who is thinking of enhancing your value proposition to your customers and clients; all without the headache of having to deal with a messy backend infrastructure"

About Zeppelin & Co

Zeppelin & Co is Singapore’s first audio cafe with a dedicated space retailing a curated range of earphones, headphones, and desktop audio products. They also hold live music events and keep the coffee brewing. So how did it all begin?

The team that created Zeppelin & Co loves music. They wanted their music to sound better, so they thought, "Hey, let's make an audio store & bring music lovers together, and tell them about better sound!" They got thirsty. They love coffee. Their friends got thirsty. Some love coffee, and some like other drinks. They were looking for a place to sit down but those they could find were all too crowded and noisy. Out of this vision, Zeppelin & Co was created.

Audio + Coffee + People = Zeppelin & Co. It wasn't easy to put a cafe module in a headphone store. It wasn't easy when people said the reputation of Sim Lim Square was bad and parking was expensive. But they did it anyway. Because at Zeppelin & Co., they believe that when you do the right things and work hard, the right people come your way. Call it birds of a feather flocking together, great minds thinking alike, or music lovers uniting.

Today, Zeppelin & Co is one of the leading retailers of high-end headphones, earphones, DACs & AMPs, music players, and accessories, with one of the widest ranges of premium brands.