anycover co-founders

Our team

We're a tight-knit team of two cofounders with diverse backgrounds, Bharad and Jan, who met at Antler, a global VC and company builder based in Singapore. Together, they have spent more than a decade in Southeast Asia.

anycover came about when Bharad realized that most legacy extended warranty programs came nowhere near AppleCare's excellent service and customer experience. There had to be a better way! He then met Jan who immediately decided to join forces.

Our mission

At anycover, we strive to transform the product protection industry for the better and to provide peace of mind for any suitable product. The way extended warranties are currently bought, sold, and used, is broken. Especially small-and-medium sized merchants struggle with setting up, integrating, and managing their own modern product protection program. Customers often don’t understand terms and conditions or how to make claims, which often takes weeks to process - we’ve been there!

Insurance companies have a hard time onboarding new businesses. We're on a mission to fix that. Our tech platform transforms an expensive, technically demanding, six month process into a simple plug-and-play solution that helps businesses drive greater revenue, brand loyalty and customer lifetime value. For customers, we are delivering peace of mind and a delightful experience that makes them come back. A win-win!