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GameShop drives incremental revenue and give customers peace of mind with Anycover

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Stephen Ho
GameShop Asia

"Partnering with Anycover is the perfect solution. It adds revenue to the business while adding value and a sense of comfort for our customers. Anycover follows through on their promises, which leads to greater customer satisfaction. It’s easy to implement and lets the customer choose the solution that’s right for them."


GameShop brings you the best in video game entertainment across various gaming platforms.

GameShop offers the latest consoles, games, controllers, and accessories from leading brands, such as Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Thrustmaster, Nyko, Logitech, and Razer. It was founded in 2003 and is based in Singapore.


As gaming products are typically used frequently, customers want to feel confident that the quality lives up to those expectations even after the manufacturer warranty expires, which is typically one year. This is an especially important factor as gaming consoles and accessories are typically not a cheap purchase.
GameShop partnered with Anycover to give their customers peace of mind, which would ultimately allow them to feel more confident making a purchase decision.
All of this, coupled with the fact that it costs nothing to go live and zero operational burden on GameShop made Anycover the perfect solution for GameShop’s needs
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