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Luxus Digital grew sales by 8% with an integrated extended warranty program.

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Luxus Digital is one of the leading Singapore-based digital locks and smart home solutions providers. In 2022, they were recognized with the Singapore SME 500 Award, which awards leading companies for their quality, capability, and excellence.

Luxus Digital, having more than 10 years of industrial experience, pride themselves in retailing only outstanding products that have exceeded their personal expectations on performance and quality. Products are sourced regionally at the most competitive prices and carefully curated, installed, and checked by their specialized team.

Digital locks, such as those offered by Luxus Digital, are a significant alternative for many Singaporeans due to its ease, security, control, and adaptability. These locks provide quick access without the use of keys and frequently include additional security features like as automatic locking and remote access control. They can also be linked with smart home systems, offering additional control and monitoring possibilities. Since COVID-19, contactless and digital access methods have become an even more important criterion, as they decrease the need for physical touch and help prevent viruses’ spread.

Anycover and Luxus Digital both keep their customers at the forefront and strive to deliver the best service and experience. In order to provide their customers with maximum peace of mind, Luxus Digital decided to partner with Anycover. Anycover’s end-to-end solution comes at zero additional cost for Luxus Digital and didn’t require any support related to the integration nor for the future handling of claims. As all extended warranties provided by Anycover are backed by leading insurers, Luxus Digital has no cost exposure arising from future claims.

Since partnering with Anycover, Luxus Digital has seen strong results in the form of additional revenue and increased customer confidence.


Lock systems are an integral part of home security. Consequently, it is crucial for them to be flawless in order to ensure the safety of loved ones. Luxus Digital Locks are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a secure, versatile, and access control solution. These locks offer keyless entry, eliminating the need to carry actual keys and providing ease and portability.
To provide customers with the utmost peace, Luxus Digital Locks have partnered with anycover to provide added protection and safety.
All of this, combined with the fact that going live costs nothing and imposes no operational load on Luxus Digital, makes Anycover the ideal answer for their requirements.
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