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Metapod boosts revenue and gives customers peace of mind with Anycover

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"Amazingly easy set up with fast replies from the Anycover team. Very accommodating to our UI/UX as well. We are confident that the product will become the norm for e-commerce extended warranty"


Metapod is a tech-focused playground that represents the current and future of consumer gadgets. They are one of the leading Singapore-based retailers of tech gadgets across audio tech, home & living, fitness tech, beauty tech, cameras, computers & laptops, home cinema, gaming, and smartphones.

Brands they carry include Apple, Audio-Technica, Aurabeat, Bose, B&O, Braun, Click & Grow, Divoom, Fitbit, GoPro, Garmin, Harman Kardon, Huawei, JBL, Jabra, LG, Logitech, Microsoft, Monster, Muzen, myFirst, Nintendo, Nokia, Oculus, Philips, Polaroid, Samsung, Sennheiser, Sony, Theragun, Torras, Ultimate Ears, Xiaomi, Xbox, and many more.

Customers want to be certain that the quality meets up to their expectations even after the manufacturer warranty expires, which is usually after only one year, as many tech products are frequently used for several years. In addition, customers increasingly want to be covered against accidental damage due to drops, breakage, or water damage for product categories that are more prone to accidents, such as headphones.

In order to provide their customers with maximum peace of mind, Metapod decided to partner with Anycover. Anycover’s end-to-end solution comes at zero additional cost for merchants nor does it require any support related to the integration or handling of claims. As all extended warranties by Anycover are backed by leading insurers, merchants have no cost exposure arising from future claims. Since partnering with Anycover, Metapod has seen strong results in the form of additional revenue and increased customer confidence.


Electronic products have become an essential asset in our lives. Be it a pair of headphones, smartphone, speakers or camera, they are used frequently and desired to last multiple years. Customers invest heavily and want to feel confident that the quality lives up to those expectations even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, which is typically one year.
In order to provide customers with peace of mind and ultimately increase their confidence in making purchasing decisions, Metapod partnered with Anycover.
All of this, coupled with the fact that it is a zero-cost end-to-end solution made Anycover the perfect solution for Metapod’s needs.
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