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myFirst drives incremental revenue and give customers peace of mind with Anycover

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"Kids tend to easily damage products they use. We're glad that we partnered with Anycover to assure parents that they don't need to fork out a lot of money to buy a new product when there’s an issue"


myFirst is a leading kid’s technology brand that was founded by a team of super daddies to bridge the gap between technology and good old-fashioned toys. myFirst recognizes the need for kids to engage with technological advancements, which helps in their cognitive learning ability.

myFirst aims to enrich a child’s learning process by moulding experiences through fun and innovative gadgets. They aim to reinvent the way kids, no matter whether toddlers or teens, learn and embrace the technological era.

As a parent themselves, the myFirst founders saw the need for their kids to engage more with new and advanced technology as the world developed. The lack of supply in the market that would guarantee the safe use of technology in kids greatly inspired the team to come up with creative and innovative designs. For instance, myFirst watchphone is a product that makes use of the power of technology safely while users, especially younger children, are protected by its functions. Parents can set safe perimeters on the watch where children will not abuse and get addicted to the device. With this, children can still benefit from technology and learn how to connect with others.

For myFirst, it was essential to ensure that products would be covered should something go wrong, especially as they are used by kids, and that there is an easy path to getting things resolved. Anycover offers not only an extension of the manufacturer's warranty but also protection against any accidental damage.


Adding Anycover as a value-added service to their store was simple and smooth – the technical integration took only one day and was done via Anycover’s Shopify app. No technical support was required from the myFirst team. myFirst implemented Anycover’s offer via the product page, modal pop-up, and in-cart, and liked how simple it is for customers to add product protection to their purchase at more than one step in the customer journey.

myFirst’s products include watchphones, sketch boards, 3D drawing pens, cameras, headphones, and accessories. Founded in 2017, myFirst is now an established brand sold across Singapore, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Qatar, Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, US, Philippines, Greece, UK and the US.


As many tech gadgets are typically used frequently for multiple years, customers want to feel confident that the quality lives up to those expectations even after the manufacturer warranty expires, which is typically one year. In the case of myFirst, offering protection against accidental damage was important as its products are mainly used by kids.
myFirst partnered with Anycover to give parents peace of mind, which would ultimately allow them to feel more confident making a purchase decision.
All of this, coupled with the fact that it costs nothing to go live and zero operational on myFirst, made Anycover the perfect solution myFirst’s needs. Anycover also customized its integration, within days, so myFirst team could automatically pull-in the transaction data into their bespoke accounting system eliminating manual reconciliation.
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