Linus Tan
Co-Founder & CEO

"Anycover has been a great solution for us to provide extended warranty for our customers. Smooth implementation from the team on setup and great incremental revenue for our brand thus far"

About Synced

Synced is a new generation tech store building exciting experiences around a curation of alternative and innovative tech brands to elevate your day. When the founders started Synced, they were fascinated by the tremendous amount of innovation created by problem-solvers from around the world. From self-growing smart gardens to self-cleaning water bottles, there seemed to always be a better version of our simple everyday things.

Yet, though these inventions may be revolutionary, they didn’t have a platform to connect with users who might find them life changing. So, they set out on that journey – to curate and connect you to innovations from around the world.

Today, Synced carries a range of gadgets including smart home solutions, productivity tools, fitness gadgets, and educational tech toys for kids. Brands include Click & Grow, Theragun, Garmin, Jabra, Nanoleaf, Belkin, Neo Smartpen, and more. They sell online via their online store and have a physical store at International Plaza.